338. It’s not my address or the pick 3 of today’s lottery. It’s my weight. Last night I decided to commit to moving and make it a priority.

Five thirty came too soon. It was so tempting to stay in bed. I stayed there for awhile. Finally I ejected myself from bed. Thoughts of limited mobility danced through my head. I rummaged through some old VHS tapes, yes they are old. I found Richard Simmons. It had been so long, this was the only one I knew I could do.

It was only twenty minutes and there were people who looked like me in the video. I started sweating. I could not believe this was challenging. Pride and disappointment occupied the same moment.

I was proud that I had followed through and got out of bed early. Usually I only see the five o’clock hour once in the day, the evening.  I moved. I sweated. I am pleased.

Yet, I am disappointed. Disappointed that I allowed the same body that completed the 1998 LA Marathon to come to this. Morbidly obese. It’s an ugly truth and if I am to overcome it, I have to start with honesty.


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