Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water this weight is coming off.

Day 2 at bootcamp

Today marked the second day at my bootcamp.  On Sunday I joined BKM bootcamp bkmbootcamp.com. It’s a group setting with personalized attention. I worked out an hour yesterday and the hour today about killed me even though I modified the moves, but I was determined to keep moving even if it meant just moving from side to side or walking in place.  I am determined to get this weight off and KEEP IT OFF.  So much so, I told the instructor, in two years I’ll be one of your trainers.

Afterward, the trainer wanted me to weigh in.  I have no problem weighing in, it’s just that he had a glass scale.  I looked at it.  I looked at him.  I looked at it again.  Finally I told him, “Hey, I’m much heavier than you think I am, are you SURE you want ALL of this on your GLASS scale.  He chuckled with assurance.  I got on and Holy Mary, Jesus, Joseph I was 332. Six pounds less than the first post.  Afterward we talked for a long time and he gave me a meal plan that I can deal with.

I am two pounds away from being able to do my Wii Fit again. The darn thing fired me.  Moaned and told me to get off so it could reset it’s software because I had exceeded it’s limit. That’s okay.  Just gimme one week and I’m back on it.  Can’t wait. Now it’s off to the store to make sure I can start this meal plan tomorrow.


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