Detours and Monkey Wrenches

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” – Robert Burns

Last minute change in plans

Sometimes you gotta wing it.

I knew I would not make the boot camp class today because of a presentation I was asked to do for my book at the local library for their open house.  Therefore, I planned to work out immediately after work and cook dinner.  I was sure to have all ingredients on hand. All of this I would be able to check off my list at the end of the evening.  WRONG!

The presentation – postponed.  I had to an hour drive in the name of business to deliver a proof immediately after work with a major sinus headache in tow, no time for cooking. The drive I don’t mind, the loss of time is a different story.  Did I mention I was asked to pick up an order of Chinese food to deliver with the proof?

Normally, I would have said to myself, “Self, since you don’t have time to cook you might as well get yourself an order of chinese takeout too and since it will be a bit late when you get back you can always workout tomorrow.” Instead I thought, you just have to make another plan.

I called for my sister-in-law to ride shotgun. Then I called Lee’s to make sure they still sold oven roasted chicken and green beans, some man who spoke entirely too fast assured me they did.  So, I changed into my workout clothes. Got my food first and ate it while my sister-in-law drove. I didn’t want to smell chinese food while I was hungry, not a good idea. We made the chinese pickup, hit the road and planned to stop at my stand by gym on the way back. I didn’t make it to the gym but I didn’t beat myself up about it either.  I’m just continuing the journey even if the road changes a little here and there, I won’t quit.

The change in plan wasn’t so hard.  The change in mindset when dealing with old habits can present itself as difficult.   I tell people all the time, your circumstances are irrelevant to your goal.  I found myself having to live up to my words.


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