You’ll Survive!

Day 5. Survived another day of BKM boot camp! I hate the exercise. I love the sweat. I know it’s sounds disgusting but, it’s like my badge of honor. Let’s me know I really worked for something. I imagine the sweat as fat rolling away from me.  The more of it the better.  When it’s over, I get ice cream. Well, not exactly. It’s a protein shake that tastes more like ice cream than protein.

Sometimes I feel a bit frustrated when I can’t move like I want. I know it will come in time but my impatience rears it’s ugly head. I live for the day when my moves are not modified. When I can hold a plank for longer than 6-8 seconds.  When I am out of the land of the 300s.

Today Briant came over and with such a proud look on his face he said, “I am so happy and excited for you ’cause you’re gonna make it.”  He’s right.  I feel it.  I see it.  In my mind I’m already there.  Throughout the hour he would show up out of nowhere: “modify this move, take it easy, don’t use the weight this time.”  He cares more about the safety and health of the client, helping me put my zeal in check so I don’t hurt myself.  I appreciate that.  It feels good, safe…like home.

Tomorrow I spin. Smirk. This should be interesting.  My mind is willing but my butt, not so much. Gel seat at the ready!


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