Down Not Out

Day 7.  When I opened my eyes this morning two things were clear.  The clock was reading double digits announcing I had missed all of the available bootcamp classes and nausea swept through my body.  I was sick. Caught my son’s bug. Miserable.  Could not keep anything down.  No appetite.  No fever.  Felt awful.

Like clockwork, every hour on the hour I was praying to the porcelain god. My ribs hurt from vomiting and everything below the waist was sore from spinning the night before.  No matter how many blankets the chills stayed.  I wanted to die.  I called my mom.  Just wanted her near. My mom is funny.  Like all moms she just wanted to fix it.  I love her.  She insisted on Nyquil and orange juice.  I didn’t have a cold, I had a stomach bug and juice didn’t sound appealing and it wasn’t on my plan.  Diet 7up became the compromise.

I feel a lot better, still slightly queasy.  I’ll take it easy tomorrow and get back in the saddle on Monday.  I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.


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