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Fairbanks Imperial Butchers' Scale

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Day 10.  It’s weigh in day.  I was so nervous.  Two days off my meal plan.  One with no calories due to a stomach virus and the next followed by  a bunch of bland carbs to get me back into the land of the living. For added measure mother nature decided this would be a good day for my cycle to start.  I had no idea what the scale was going to say.

The boot camp class today was difficult for me.  Yesterday’s Zumba has my quads and calf muscles sore.  Moving my arms and legs was akin to moving tree trunks. Every move was labored.  Lots of sweat and huffing and puffing but in the mirror it looked like I was barely moving. Thank God for great music or I’m not sure I would have made it through.

So when the class was over, there was a long line for weigh in.  Finally, my turn.  Still can’t believe he uses a glass scale for all of us heavy folks.  I step on but I can’t really see down because of the globe on my abdominals.  I bent further to see I lost 6.5 pounds!!! That’s a total of 11.7 pounds down since I started this blog on January 24, 2011.  It might as well have been an Academy Award.  Briant and I exchanged high fives.  I worked hard for every pound.  So after my weigh-in, I can have whatever I want in moderation.  Funny, all I wanted was my nice warm bed and a pillow.  My loaded baked potato will have to wait until tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Weigh In

  1. Woo hoo!!

    So proud of you!! That’s an amazing thing to have accomplished – I’m so excited to see you continue this fantastic journey.

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