The Devil Uses Lemonade Cookies

Today was an excellent day.  On point with my meal plan.  One hour of boot camp where I gave 125%.  I am noticing progress.  I can squat lower, reach further and my cardio endurance is longer.  The abs, well, can’t say that I have noticed improvement there, at least not yet.  At the end of boot camp I was able to talk to Briant, he is still so hyped about helping me and also noticed the progress of workout execution and endurance.  He offered two pieces of advice that I had never heard from a trainer.

The first he says is, “look into getting a therapist/counselor to help you through your weight loss.  It is difficult for your mind to catch up when you lose a large amount of weight and counseling helps, because there will be issues.  You have to change on the inside too or you’ll end up where you started.”  I thought to myself, wow, I had heard that before but of course I didn’t think it applied to me.  But I hear him and because I respect him I will look into it and do it.

The second, ignore all of the well meaning people who will tell you, “Girl, you’ve lost enough weight you should stop.”  Keep your goal before you and remain focused.  Okay, I can do that one. 

So my sister-in-law (she takes the boot camp too) and I decide to grab some fish and broccoli before heading home which was an excellent idea.  She says she sees a change in my already.  I ask pointing to my belly, “Which hemisphere, the northern or the southern?”  The troops at home send text message to bring home Captain D’s.  This was not a problem since I had already eaten.  Didn’t want no greasy fish anyway. 

So I get home feeling all good about my day and my husband says, “My niece dropped off the girl scout cookie order.  We owe her $28.00.” I laugh out loud, hysterically.  I LOVE girl scout cookies! I was so glad I had eaten before I came home. This was clearly a message from the devil.  Is this the crossroads?  Heavy sigh.  I open the bag full of cookie boxes.  Pull out the package of Lemonade cookies.  Opened the box, inhaled the great cookie smell and then put them back in the box.  There’s no way I’m gonna do this now.  It has to be a controlled plan.  So here it is, on Tuesday after my weigh-in I will allow myself to have 2 (that’s a serving) of my favorite cookies.  Not succumbing to the moment and not totally denying myself either.  Win win.


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