Weight A Minute!


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Actually, it was weights for 60 minutes.  Just when I thought I could make it straight through a boot camp workout without stopping, they switch up the routine.  “Grab some weights everybody!” Deek, another trainer shouted out like this is what we do everyday.  Of course, he’s not talking to me.  My own limbs have enough weight on them to do the job, besides I’m new. “Montrice! Grab some weights!” yells Briant.  Uh-uhn, did he just put me on blast? Nervousness crawls all over my body.  This wasn’t the jab, jab, punch, kick stuff from yesterday.

We got started and 20 minutes into the workout, I heard my name again.  This time Briant was walking my way.  I’d officially lost my ‘new kid on the block’ status.  I’m free game like everybody else now.  He stopped right in front of me and told me how to breathe.  Apparently in and out the mouth isn’t the way to go.  In Drill Sargeant mode, he urges me to challenge myself.  Bend my knees, fight the urge to rest.  Well I was fighting, but I was losing and the dumbbells were winning.  He wasn’t leaving, firmly planted in front of me, he became my mirror and my cheerleader.  Executing the same moves he was prodding out of me.  My body was tingling all over and the arms were trying to go numb.  When my arms became noodles, it was over and he was patting me on the back for a job well done. 

My nephew, affectionately called Nephew by everyone at the gym, came over all sweaty with a flushed face.  At 17 with muscles bulging from everywhere, he proclaims this to be the hardest workout of his life.  Now I don’t feel so bad, my sentiments exactly and I’ll be back for more tomorrow.


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