Back to Back

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Day 19. My lower back was torturing me.  It was so tight and stiff.  Any forward or sideways motion caused pain.  Motrin did not help. Icy Hot and Tiger Balm eluded my seek and find efforts.  I decided to ditch the boot camp. I sent a text message to my side kicks Heckle and Jeckle to let them know not to look for me. Then I felt guilty.  Why was I feeling guilty? I was legitimately in pain.  Sent a text to Briant, asking if I should come anyway and push through it or rest.  He wanted to know how many days I had under my belt this week.  I texted back, four days.  He said to rest it but if I started feeling guilty he had a spin class with my name on it Saturday.

Feeling good about sitting the day out.  I get 3 more text messages back to back. It was Heckle and Jeckle.  They were together.  The first one read, u can’t call n sick, u must call n dead 2 get out of bt cmp.  The second asking, can u soak n some Epsom Salt and try 2 make it? The third one was a not so subtle threat, DON’T MAKE US COME AND GET YOU!  I sent a text back, alright already I’ll b there.  I’ll push through the pain, it can’t be worse than the aftermath of a spin class.  The seats on the bikes in the spin class hurt my butt, felt like I had given birth.

I jumped in the shower. Got the water as hot as I could stand it and let the jets pound on my lower back.  It felt better but I popped two more Motrin for good measure and put on my back belt for added support, my black work out pants and a Race For The Cure t-shirt that had seen better days. Grabbed my keys and out the door I went.

I arrived in just enough time to hang my jacket and start working out. Circuit training day, three trainers, three stations, weights, resistance bands, mats and steppers abound. I chose to start with the female trainer whose favorite word seemed to be “Up!” Don’t know her name. She seemed nice enough, even if she was obsessed with killing my arms.  Heckle and Jeckle didn’t see me come in.  They were in Up-girl’s group too.  I was babying my back yet working hard enough to break a sweat.  Then the music stops and Deek yells, “Switch!”

I leave Up-girl and join Deek’s station; lunges, jumping jacks, leg lifts and squats. Deek’s a good trainer, but he can’t count very well.  If there’s talking, he starts the count over.  There was one dude in this group who could not keep his mouth shut. So we kept doing the exercise over.  I tell myself I will find the strength out of my little toe to go smack him if he keeps it up. 

So just as I’m contemplating violence, Briant emerges from the back.  He spots me and comes over with a high-five.  “That’s what I’m talking about!” he says.  “Thought you weren’t coming today.”  I shrug, “You can thank Heckle and Jeckle over there.”  I point to my side kicks with a grin.  There are a lot of advantages to having a workout partner or two.

There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.
 George Shinn

One thought on “Back to Back

  1. I loved this story of your days events, in spite of the comments that may not have been so true, that you were threatened. Your tale brought laughter to my heart and tears to my eyes. I want you to know that you are valuable to me beyond the description of words. I’ve always felt that you did a wonderful job pushing me in a positive way WHENEVER i needed it in whatever situation. However I always felt I fell short in that department with you and was a let down to us both. Im happy to hear that I’m closer to being a greater source of support to you than I have been in the past, so trust I’ll WILL be on my job from here on out.

    Little did you know at the time I had already made plans to have the BIG DOG released on you. Seconds before starting class I asked B’s wife to text him and tell him to text you and make you get your @** to class, moments after class started she approached me to let me know you had showed before she had a chance to make that call. When she told me I was so full of joy and relief, as you and your health are important to me. That feeling did not compare to the feeling I felt when i was able to see you with my own eyes, you were working hard and true, sweat pouring and pushin though. A hug shared in the form of a shoulder bump at the end of class said it all.

    If we dont push though the pain to the next level we will keep starting over. We have time behind us that I can only hope is at least equal to the time ahead. We are fourtunate to have special people to share it with so we MUST put our best foot forward at this point and overcome all obstacles for them as well as ourselves.


    Love you

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