Habits and Hijinks

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Date night.  Hubby and I went out to see not one but two movies; Battle Los Angeles and The Adjustment Bureau. They were okay. I liked the first one better than the latter. While I love our date nights, it was a very tough time for me on my weight loss journey.  As soon as we walked into the theatre, what did I smell?  You guessed it, popcorn, buttery popcorn.  I wanted my usual salt, sugar, caffeine fix to go with the movie.  My usual: popcorn, Raisinettes, and Coke.  Blind munching for about two hours.  Instead I had herbal tea and almonds.  Initially I felt a little deprived.  Then I took a moment to evaluate.  I wasn’t hungry, it was customary to have these things in this setting.  I would have to create a new habit.

After the movies we went to Chili’s.  I wanted a margarita and buffalo wings.  I wanted the waitress to hurry up and take my order while I still had the resolve to stay on track.  Then a waiter with a plate of wings passed me. Arghh!  Finally, Kenya appears and takes our order.  I ordered salmon, broccoli, black beans and water with a twist of lemon.  I felt relieved.  I found myself wishing I was at home in my kitchen whipping up something that was tasty and that I was comfortable with.

The weekends are not my strong suit.  I am much better Sunday through Thursday.  I’m much like a little kid in that regard.  I need structure and routine.  I need for things to stay the same as much as possible.  Although I survived it and made better choices over my typical route, I need to dig into this a little deeper and explore why dining out is so uncomfortable for me now.

The hard must become habit.  The habit must become easy.  The easy must become beautiful.  ~Doug Henning


One thought on “Habits and Hijinks

  1. Sometimes I think it’s so difficult for us when we go out because we’re accustomed to overeating. It wouldn’t be so bad if we ordered whatever we wanted off the menu as long as we ate it in moderation. I have that old school mentality that I must finish my plate. My mother started me off that way and I ‘m programmed that way till this day. I’m glad you made better eating choices this weekend. I feel that same panic when I go somewhere because I’m so used to getting too full

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