Weigh-In #3 – Wanna Get Away?

My weigh-in is every Tuesday.  We always work out before the weigh-ins.  So I’m standing there in my usual spot, right by the pole in case I need support when I bend down to get my water during the work out.  I’m early and getting mentally ready for the cardio assault that lasts an hour but feels like a lifetime.  Nothing in the world could have prepared me for what my trainer did next.  Briant walks over to me and says, “I want you up front today.”  My eyes crossed, “Say what!?!  I’m not going up there!”  I pouted in protest.  “Oh, yes you are.” Like a stern parent he led me by the hand to the front of the class, facing EVERYONE.  I felt like I was in the middle of one of those Southwest Airline commercials,  ‘wanna get away?’.   This boot camp is NOT a small class.  There’s easily 60 plus people in the class.  This was crazy.  They are looking at me and I’m trying not to look at them.  There I was, front and center.  Right next to him.  There would be no slacking this day.  There is so much pressure up front, pressure to keep moving AND to get it right.  Arghhh! Before I could get my pity party going, the music started bumping and we were in the thick of it.  It was the workout of my life, talk about a push. Once it was over, I was entirely spent.

Once at the scale, I reminded Briant that I don’t wanna know the number until I’ve hit my 1st milestone. I fired the scale a few days ago.  He remembers. I step on.  A huge smile spreads across his face.  It’s contagious cause I started smiling too.  He says he is very pleased.  Good, that’s all I need to know.  I asked, “So does this mean you will stop picking on me?”  He laughed, “Of course not, I’m preparing you to be a trainer.”  I turn to walk away and ran into Nephew.  He says, “Dang, you look smaller than yesterday.  I can definitely see a difference.”  I’ll take that too.  Today was a good day.  I survived. Until next time…


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