Back In Business

Me Running

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Words could never explain how ecstatic I was to wake up and be able to walk without knee pain.  I’m still in awe that a knee support could cause so much pain.  The soft tissue of my knee was inflamed from too much compression.  I won’t make that mistake again.

Tonight I went back to boot camp, no lunges.  I’m not totally out of the woods yet, as I sit here typing with a bag of frozen lima beans on my knee, but I’m about 90% and that’s a good sign.  I’m wearing a lime green t-shirt that Jeckle gave me last summer for a benefit walk.  It was too small then, it fits now.  I feel great. 

There’s nothing like a threat of a serious injury to make you appreciate movement and exercise.  I was already committed but there is a new found seriousness.  After the workout, I asked Briant at what weight did he think I could start running considering my knee.  A smile widened across his face.  I hate when that happens.  Instead of answering my question he called Jeckle over before she had a chance to make a getaway and told the both of us to meet him at a local high school track early Sunday morning.  I’ve gotta learn to stop being so inquisitive.  Until next time…


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