Steppin’ It Up

The field and track

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Six am came too soon. Sleepily my husband asked who gets up this early to work out in the cold.  Apparently I do? I laced up the last shoe and headed out into the brisk air to meet BKM at the track.  Every fiber of my being wanted to go back to bed.  I drove to Jeckle’s to follow her since I wasn’t certain about the location. 

Meteorologists said 75 degrees today but by 7am the weather hadn’t received the memo.  It was the kind of windy cold that made you walk fast anyway.  Briant arrived loaded on two cups of coffee.  He set the pace for my brisk walk, handed my his Ipod and ran ahead to get Jeckle and two others started on their walk/run routine.

I was a little envious.  I wanted to run.  I’ve heard that the impact on your knees when you run is 4x your body weight.  I would blow a knee cap.  The last time I ran on purpose was 13 years ago.  Nothing has chased me since.  This was the first step and I was glad to take it.  I tried to widen my stride and pick up the pace.  Then Shiela E. was on, Fabulous Life,  the cadence of those drums carried me around the track.  It was the long version.  I love Shiela E.  Amazing how music can get you to do things you never thought you could.  We went round and round that track for more than an hour.  It felt like I had walked home and back.  Afterward we weaved up and down the steps of the bleachers.  For some strange reason, going up was a lot easier than going down the steps.  Go figure.

Finally it’s over and I can’t decide which need is more urgent; eating or sleeping.  Then Briant says he’ll see us at 4pm.  Whoa, what!?! Why would we do that?  Didn’t we just do an hour workout?  Yes, he said, but it wasn’t boot camp.  We were expected to be in class.  Heavy sigh.

Jeckle and I had breakfast, then I headed home for a shower and back to bed.  My body was so tired.  The body/bed reunion was a joyous one.  When I opened my eyes again it was 1:30pm and I was HUNGRY.  I ate a few almonds while I decided on lunch and mentally prepared to go to boot camp and work out all over again.

I made it to and through boot camp. I thing isn’t so hard if you don’t tell yourself how hard it really is.  Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Steppin’ It Up

  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!

    That’s amazing. The running will come – it takes a little time. The fact that you were able to walk for an hour, then walk up and down bleachers, and THEN go to Boot Camp is totally AWESOME!!

    So proud of you. 😉

    • Thanks Joanna! I’m paying for it today. Everything from the waist down hurts today. BUT, I’m still headed out to Zumba class. I must be some kinda crazy!

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