number 10

Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

As of tomorrow, it will be a month that I have stuck to this boot camp. Here are ten things I have noticed:

1. My blood pressure is down considerably.

2. I am happier and things don’t irritate me as much as they did pre-boot camp.

3. I sleep like a rock. Although I have never seen a sleeping rock, I think you get my point.

4.  The globe on my abdominals has deflated down to an inner tube. Go on and laugh, it’s funny.

5.  I have increased my endurance.

6.  I can bring the laundry up from the basement without needing a nap.  Really.

7.  My skin is clearer.

8.  It is no longer a chore to drink water. I actually crave it.

9.  I’m more flexible.

10. I’ve begun using words like: can’t wait, enjoy, and like when referring to my work outs.


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