Beast Mode

In order to prepare for the release party for my children’s book Changing Seasons, I had to miss a day of boot camp.  It felt like I had missed a whole week. The day of the release party we had a cake for the kiddos made by Gina.  Gina makes cakes that taste so good you could slap your momma.  I posed with it but I didn’t have any, another non-scale victory.  We sold out selling 107 books.  I was so elated and caught up on the moment that I didn’t eat.  The party was from 11am til 3pm.  Finally around 4pm we ate.  I made great choices in food but I had a very grande celebratory margarita.  We all know alcohol is just empty calories, but it was so good. How often does a new author sell over 100 books in a snow storm at their first event?  I didn’t feel the least bit guilty.  I knew I would have to put in some extra work.

Today I was extremely hyped, in beast mode.  I signed up for a 5k walk/run. I went to a local high school track and walked around as fast as these legs could carry me.  Then weaved up and down the bleachers.  Easier going up than coming down, but I can’t figure out why. After that I went to Zumba class but the instructor was out so we ended up spinning.  It was awesome.  After spinning, I was still on an unnatural high so I did some abdominal work and then called it a night.  I’m in a zone and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.  Until next time…


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