Run Forest Run

56/365 morning run

Image by kharied via Flickr

Early this morning I ran.  NO, not the country.  Me, I ran.  On purpose. For the first time in years.  It was brutal.  It was the kind of brutal you know you won’t feel again if you just keep doing it.

I am so naive. Today would be my second time at the track.  I thought I was in for a very brisk walk just as we did the last time.  Of course I was wrong because I have a trainer that likes to keep pushing the envelope.

I spent most of the night looking for the right songs for the Ipod to keep my pace up for walking.  When I arrived the Ipod was dead.  User error.  I didn’t charge it properly.  This left me discombobulated  I’d prefer not to hear myself breathe and focus instead on the music and movement.

So there I am, music less when I noticed there is only three of us; me, some other guy and Briant.  Where the heck was everybody else? I knew I was in trouble.  This meant he didn’t have anybody else to focus on.  He walked with me and started to set my pace.  We were walking along talking about nothing in particular when he asked about my breathing.  I said it was difficult.  He said it’s because I was talking too much.  Blank stare.  He wanted me to focus. 

At the beginning of the curve he looks at me and says, “Run.” I asked where.  He said around the curve until you hit the number.  I asked why.  The questions made it worse.  I ran the next six curves, I think.  I lost count. There was a burning in my chest and I couldn’t seem to get the breathing down.  He told me again to focus. It felt like too many instructions.  Run. Breathe. Focus.

When I had stopped running he wanted me to walk quickly on legs I could not feel.  I knew it was for me own good but I still hated it. When we were done with the track he had me weave up and down the bleachers.  I gave it 110% because this was the end.

Wrong again.  One day I will catch on, nothing with him is ever the same. After the bleachers we did one last push around the track.  We were done.  It was 8am.  As I was leaving Briant called out, “Don’t go home and go to sleep.  You must eat breakfast now.  Very important.”   A weak nod was all I could muster and went home and did as I was told.  This is gonna be a heck of a summer.

Until next time…


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