Plank Exercise

“You’re not a big girl.” He delivered that line like breaking news. I laughed heartily which made my belly jiggle, he still had a straight face.  Then he repeated it.  I reminded him that he weighed me every week, he knew the numbers and they weren’t light.  I didn’t get where he was going with this. “I want you to really push yourself.  You don’t push because you have this notion that you are a big girl, but you’re not and you can do so much more if you just push yourself.”  I could not tell if this was some kind of reverse psychology stuff, was he trying to get me to thinking about a smaller me so my mind would not have to catch up with the weight loss? Hmm, I think one of us is in denial and it ain’t the big girl.

So we finish the boot camp and are on the last 15 minutes of abs, doing planks when Briant announces that he wants to show us a milestone. A plank is an exercise that looks like a push up, except you are on your forearms and elbows instead of your hands and you don’t move you just hold the position.  Good, I think to myself, anything to get him off of these abs.  He started walking my way.  He called my name. What the heck?

He yelled, “Up!”

Oh my God, is he serious? I got on up on my elbows and toes.

He started counting, 30. Thirty? What happened to ten? 29, 28, 27…

The sweat started to pop off my forehead 26, 25, 24. He is the slowest counting man this side of the Mississippi. My toes went numb,  my abs were burning and my arms wanted to slip from all the sweat 23, 22,  21. He was not on my favorite people list. 

He didn’t tell me he was gonna do this.  I didn’t sign up for this 20, 19, 18.

I wanted so badly to make it to one. The mind was willing, the body – not so much.  17, 16, 15. I had given everything I had and then some. I had NOTHING LEFT, at least that’s how it felt. I was shaking all over.  14, 13 ,12.

Mentally I had to leave the building in order to make it.  I went to Jamaica, nice breeze, white sand, clear aqua water.  I hear the counting in the background 11, 10.  He had the entire class join in the countdown. People began to cheer 9, 8, 7.  Some ‘you go girl’s were in surround sound.

I felt the tears forming even though I was fighting them back.  Jamaica was long gone, I could no longer focus. 6, 5.  Such a long way from one. I started to pray.  Dear God, only you 4, 3,  only you can get me through this 2, 1.

Briant screamed, “Yes! And that my friends is a work out! She never thought she could do it. Please congratulate her before you leave!”

I couldn’t believe I had done it.


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