Double Dippin’

On early Sunday mornings you can normally find me at the high school track, but this morning I was with the lovely folks at KMJM Majic 104.9FM being interviewed for the Sunday Morning Live broadcast with Jade Harrell and Kevin Pulley regarding my new children’s book Changing Seasons. The interview went wonderfully well, it felt like catching up with old friends.

As I sat in the studio fully enjoying the experience, I would sometimes wonder what they were doing at the track. Wondered what I was missing. Grateful for the reprieve yet missing it a wee bit at the same time. 

Once home, I toyed with the idea of taking two classes – double dippin’, spinning and boot camp, to make up for missing morning track.  I decided to go for it.  The spinning class was sweaty and exhilarating. Diane was teaching, Briant popped his head in to give me a thumbs up for making up lost time.  By the time I got to boot camp I was a little nervous.  I was tired but I still had enough energy to do more,  then there’s ‘The Briant Factor’.  Briant is the fabulous instructor that sometimes drinks too much coffee.  When he has too much coffee, we become his victims. He does it like Emeril and kicks it up a notch or ten.  This is what I call ‘The Briant Factor’.  This was the first time I had done classes back to back, two hours of hardcore cardio. In the middle of boot camp he came over to let me know that I may have been at Sunday Morning Live but this was now BKM live and I needed to put in work.  Ah, he’s such a smarty pants.

I survived it. Now, I wait to see how the body will feel in the morning.  Until next time…


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