GO St. Louis 5k Virgin

GO St. Louis 5K

Yesterday was my first serious 5k.  At five thirty I awoke to rolling thunder and flashes of light across the sky.  I heard the rain beating down all around the house and wondered if it would stop in time for a dry race.

I drove to pick up Jeckle and by the time we made it to Forest Park the rain had stopped but left muddy footprints. We picked up our bibs and T-shirts.  I had over an hour’s worth of music and I was ready.  The goal was to finish in under an hour.

We started strong with driving fast beats but there were lots of hills in the first mile.  I hadn’t anticipated hills.  By the top of the third one, I was winded and felt my pace slowing.  I felt a little disappointed but I couldn’t seen to kick it into gear.  There was no way I was going to make my goal after that.

Mile 2 was a lot better.  Jeckle decided to run the last mile.  I cheered her as she took off.  Concrete is unforgiving.  Besides, I was prepared for very fast walking, not leaving the ground to run.  That would have to wait for another race.  I was moving as fast as my legs would carry me.  I was nearing the end.

Off in the distance I could see the time clock.  The display only showed 4 digits.  It had not been an hour yet! I focused to see the numbers and it looked like 56 minutes and some seconds.  REALLY!?! If I ran, I could make it, but only if I ran like hell.

So, I ran like hell, chest burning and all.  I am proud to say I crossed that finish line at 59:15 only 45 seconds to spare!  I DID IT!!!  Another non-scale victory.  I was so proud.


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