My Spinning Bike.

Image by antigavin via Flickr

Last Monday, I hardly broke a sweat in Zumba class.  When I first started, I would sweat buckets.  My body is changing. If I’m going to leave home I need to get my money’s worth.  So, I have kicked Zumba to the curb and embraced spinning for my Monday night work outs.

Deek, a trainer who is just as crazy as Briant, leads the class.  My goal was to stand and run it out in 2 or 3 for most of the class but Deek had other ideas.  He made me sit instead.  Sit and spin fast.  I asked for how long.  His answer, until.  Until what?  He didn’t answer, he just smiled.  So there I was spinning like crazy the whole time.  Good thing my butt was finally use to the seat.  It was a good work out.  When it was over I looked like I had been caught out in a heavy rain.


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