Sister 32

Dodger 32

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I did not struggle with any particular food like weeks of old.  There were no temptations with biscuits, raisinettes, or potatoes of any kind.  This week was different.  I struggled with keeping an appetite and eating regularly. 

Although I had breakfast every single morning, I stopped eating snacks somewhere around Thursday and there were at least three nights I chose sleep over dinner.  My schedule was so hectic I didn’t get around to the grocery store for necessities until today.  Between my regular job, my side business, promoting my book, supporting the charity we adopted,  being a wife, mom and working out five days a week, I have to schedule to breathe.  I felt heavier.  I had not drank enough water or slept enough hours this week.  I knew my weight would either be up or the same but most likely no loss.  I wasn’t fretting over it.  I decided to take the bull by the horns and I told Briant as soon as I arrived.  He just peered over his glasses and gave me “the look”.  I was in for a talk at the scale.

Boot camp started but my side kicks, Heckle and Jeckle, were missing.  I was going to have to take this beat down all by myself.  So I’m working out hard when I get a tap on my shoulder.  It was 32.  Thirty-two is one of the sweetest spirits I have met in a long time.  She’s like the aunt who encourages you to keep going when it gets hard.  She’s affectionately known as 32 I’m told because when she first started BKM boot camp, her main concern was if someone there knew CPR, 30 compressions and 2 breaths, she inquired about it all the time. The nickname stuck.  After she taps me, I am informed I’m going outside with Coach.

Coach is a no nonsense type of guy.  He has a strong stature and a bombastic voice like James Earl Jones.  He looks like he may have been a boxer when he was younger or maybe some high ranking officer in the military. When he speaks, it has that E.F. Hutton affect.  He could say, “Scale that wall.”  We’d all try to figure out a way to do it.  He didn’t say scale the wall.  He asked us to run.  He might as well had said scale the wall. 

I started steady but still ended up in the back of the pack.  I was concentrating on my breathing.  Thirty-two looked back and doubled back for me.  She stayed by my side the entire time with encouraging mantras to keep going.  We can do this.  Just go slow and steady.  I’m with you all the way.  We got this.  I loved her voice.  When my breathing got heavier, 32 suggested we brisk walk.  I shook my head no.  We were already more than halfway and I wanted to finish.  I was tired of quitting things. Coach met us at the top and said to walk it in.  I didn’t, couldn’t say anything.  I just kept running. Thirty-two told him I didn’t want to stop.  It felt so good when we got to the end, another accomplishment.  Thirty-two and I exchanged high-fives and a sisterly hug.  I love this place.  After the run, Coach had us sprint up and down the hill several times and then it was back inside to Briant who seemed like he was on his 12th cup of coffee.  He was bouncing around the room from one side to the other calling for folks to kick higher, punch harder and squat lower.  When it was all over I had to meet at the scale.

“Should I be upset now or later?” Briant asks.  I just shrugged.  I didn’t think he really wanted an answer.  I stepped on the scale.  He opened his mouth to fuss but then said, “Oh, you’re down, wow that shut me up.”  I was glad, to be down that is.  I’ve elected not to know any numbers until I hit my first milestone.  I don’t want to get caught up in the numbers.  I must be getting close because he seems more excited every time. 

Until next time…


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