Buh-bye 300s! Hello Twodurville!!

Goodbye Stop

Image by Peter Kaminski via Flickr

(In my Sam Cooke voice) It’s been a long, a long time coming
but I know a change gone come, oh yes it will!

When 2011 rang in I was weighing 338, today I am 299.6, Yaay me!! 38.4 pounds down, 32.4 of those thanks to BKM boot camp.  Excited is an understatement! Never thought I would break through the 300s. I have lost and gain the same 20 pounds  for years.  It was like the movie Groundhog’s Day.  I felt trapped in ‘fat hell’, never to dip below 300.  Now I can clearly see my way out, thank God.

Tonight was suppose to be circuit training but after 20 minutes into it, Coach yelled for us to go outside.  There’s two things happening when we go outside: running and climbing hills.   I do them because it’s necessary but I don’t like either.  Tonight I discovered that I’m pretty good at sprinting.  There were four teams on the left side and four teams on the right side.  Deek told me to pick I side.  I chose inside.  He wasn’t amused.  I ended up on the left side. We did sprint relays.  Dare I say it was – fun.

When class was over Briant weighed me.  He smiled and told me to go spin for 10 minutes.  I knew I was ounces away from my first major milestone for him to make that call.  So off spinning I went.  One by one different BKM members came in to cheer me on.  First it was Lisa telling me I got this and then calling me out to spin a hard and fast 10 count.  Then Deek, teasingly calling me a slacker and then called for the same 10 count.  Eva came in next and she was just excited and wanted to know what she could do to motivate me, I was too tired to think but glad she stopped in to say hi.  Lastly, Mitchell (love her) came in and started the trash talking.  Double dog dared me to do some hard stuff, of course I did it.  I couldn’t back down.  Then it was back to the scale.  Suddenly Briant was shouting, “YES!!” I finally did it.  I still can’t believe it.  It was so hard but so worth it.  This might sound crazy, but even though I still have a long way to go, I finally feel free.


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