By the time I opened my eyes the clock had beeped for quite some time and my stomach greeted me with a grumble.  The red blur started with a seven which meant I was already too late.  In the distance I could hear the theme song for The Pink Panther.  The shortest member of the household was awake. The plan was to run 2 miles and then attend the 8am spin class.  That plan would have to change.

Briant’s Saturday spin classes are notorious for being amped and inspiring.  When he’s teaching it is guaranteed to be packed.  I’ve seen people arrive at 5:30am sleeping in their cars waiting just to sign up to claim a bike for his 8am spin class.  If you don’t arrive early you can forget it or stay on the sidelines hoping there’s a newbie in the class that can’t hang and give up their bike.

My stomach had begun to sound like a slow brewing thunderstorm.  I should have grabbed an orange or something.  I whipped my mom-mobile around the parking lot and it was clear to me.  The workout would start with a run and not spin.  I skipped inside to let Briant know I would run and come back for my weigh in.  He nodded and I was off again.

On the treadmill, I added a little more speed and set the incline for random.  Hunger was my motivation, the sooner I finished running and weigh in, the sooner I could eat. This time I had my Ace bandages for my knees but I forgot my earphones.  It took a lap and a half for me to find my rhythm.  The lady on the treadmill beside me was doing everything but working out; a little bit of texting, a little reading, gabbing to the woman in front of her about her weight loss and how she was losing her boobs.  I hoped she liked the Black Eyed Peas because Imma Be runnin’ with music, it’s just not the same without it.  The two miles were over before I knew it.

Back at the boot camp  I was ready to weigh in.  As I approached Briant, he pointed to the class that was already in session with the new trainer.  I said, “Yes, I like her she is really good.”  He told me to go join them.  My stomach heard him too; the thunder was rolling again.  I knew better I should have eaten something.  Everyone started to look like pancakes.

When I finally weighed in, I had lost two pounds.  I was a little surprised.  I expected more since I added running to the workout schedule.  I covered 6 miles this week, more than any other week.  It takes awhile for the hard work to show up on the scale.  Briant told me to relax that I was doing fine.  He suggested new settings for the treadmill running and as I was leaving, he cautioned me, “I want you to really pay attention to what you are eating and really stick to the meal plan.  Training for this race is going to make you very hungry.”  No kidding!  Until next time….


2 thoughts on “TWO DOWN AND HUNGRY

  1. You’re doing good Mon Trice. I’m gonna get that motivation soon enough and who knows maybe I’ll make it to BKM. But for now I’m joining Club Fitness to get a much needed start.

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