Scenes of Irony

I was determined to make the hardest weight loss week of the year, my victory week.  Thanksgiving is that one day on the calendar where gluttony is embraced and celebrated, I planned to turn it inside out and lose weight during that week. 

I worked my butt off;  hardcore spinning, long runs, clean eating and no cheating.  For added insurance, I taunted my trainer to make sure the workouts would be serious. I worked out everyday.  I ate fruit, salad, collard greens, green beans and other veggies on Thanksgiving.  Then I prepared a plate of single servings of my favorite things I would eat after I weighed in on Saturday, my cheat meal.  I would not miss out and there was no going back for seconds.  I was in control. No sirree Bob, I was not going to let one day on the calendar ruin all my hard work. I was so excited.  I was gonna show that scale who’s boss.  I’m telling you I couldn’t wait to weigh in on Saturday.

Saturday morning, I hit the gym and discover the one hour spin class is 90 minutes long today.  Great, even better.  This was going to be one big loss.  Deek (pictured with me above) was super hyped and so was I.  Once my weigh in was over, I could go home and finally eat my festive meal.  There was a Mrs. Hullin’s split lemon cake with my name all over it.  I had demoted myself from vegan to vegetarian and I had planned to partake.

During spin class I was almost floating.  Me and the Rev. had some friendly competition going to out spin one another.  The song, Shots came on and I was bouncing all over the place.  Don’t know why that song makes me move.  Deek made the class challenging.  He was on a mission lately.  My shirt was completely wet.  I had anticipated that and brought another dry shirt for my big weigh in.  I was geeked and couldn’t wait to celebrate my big loss at the scale, just like they do for a touchdown in the end zone. 

The ninety minutes came and went. I changed shirts and skipped to the scale.

SCENE 1: I stepped on and Briant looked confused.  I looked down and the scale was the same as last week. WHAT?!  I laughed.  Loletha, my partner in crime, suggested that I may not have eaten enough.  When you work out more you have to eat more.  Takes fuel to burn fuel.  I knew that.  I didn’t eat more.  I ate properly but not enough quantity. As I thought of all I had done, I started to laugh.  Duped by the scale again. It’s a good thing I’m not a slave to the scale.  This is where people tend to quit.  I wasn’t one of those people. 

It didn’t mean my work was all in vain.  It just meant it hadn’t shown up yet and I needed to adjust my eating.  I wasn’t going to let this mess with me mentally.  I looked completely different.  My clothes fit better, some were much bigger.  My saturn ring was almost gone.  My saturn ring was the fat roll around my middle where my waist was suppose to be.  For the longest time I looked like I had this innertube on, being prepared in case I was swept out to sea. My own mother-in-law didn’t recognize me.  That’s a victory you can’t get from a scale. I would continue my routine and be mindful of eating more and more often. It’s all good.

By the time I got home I was hungry.  My Thanksgiving meal was about to begin. In the kitchen I was humming and dancing around waiting for my food to get hot.  I was gonna eat slow. It had been a long time since I had this kind of food.

SCENE 2:  I sat down in my favorite chair, dug in.  It was awful! I had a side of too sweet, a helping of too salty and a piece of too greasy.  My palate was no longer use to food so rich. Food that was great once upon a time was overwhelming to a mouth use to little to no salt and only natural sugar.  My body agreed and started rejecting it all several hours later.  Although this has been a heck of a day, I am not discouraged.  The journey continues.

Until next time….

 “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” – Denis Waitley


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