Got A Surpise For You

There was a time when working out was that thing I had to do after work.  Now, it’s the highlight of my day.  I don’t remember exactly when it happened but I’m glad it did.  The anxiety has been replaced with anticipation and it feels good.  So all day I was hoping to get  to spin class early to make sure I got a bike.  I like spin these days because of how it makes my knees feel strong.  I was a tad bit disappointed when at quarter til five I was still working, knee-deep in explanations to Realtors why their offers were too low and drafting closing extensions.

When I got to spin class I was on standby, again.  That was the second time this week.  At least this time I was first on the standby list.  I have to plan better.  Then Briant says in passing with his eyebrows up and arms swingin’, “So, you may be on standby huh?  Well if you don’t get to spin, I got a surprise for you.”  It sounded more like a threat than a gift. I could wait until Christmas for my surprise is what I told the back of his head as he was walking away from me looking for stuff.  He kept going like he didn’t hear me.  Ava walked up with her Michelle Obama arms and told me she would give me her bike after thirty minutes.   Briant walked back in with orange cones and floor mats.  The woman sitting next to me and I exchanged nervous knowing glances. This dude was about to work the sleeves off of us.

He yelled in our direction for everyone on the standby list to go get steppers, there were about ten of us.  Hmm, oh-kay…there was no class scheduled and we didn’t normally use steppers.  There really wasn’t a normal to Briant’s boot camp. We have to keep an open mind ’cause things didn’t stay the same. We did as we were told.  We had just been drafted to NFL football practice.  He decided to teach a class rather than have people idle.  He created an obstacle course.  We ran in place.  We straddled the steppers and did jumping jacks.  We ran back and forth straddled over the steppers.  We did squats where we had to touch the floor with our hands and back up.  We played left foot, right foot jumping on and off the stepper.  We jabbed left.  We jabbed right.  I gave myself an upper cut.  Grace is not my strong suit. We ran some more and when we got done running, we ran again.  When I first arrived I was kind of cute. After 30 minutes with Briant, I looked like Pookie from New Jack City, ashy lips and all.  So when Ava finally called my name for spin class, I could have kissed her. Never been so happy to see a spin bike.

Until next time… 

I try not to be surprised. Surprise is the public face of a mind that has been closed.”
― Bernard Beckett, Genesis



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