Somethings Gotta Give

I was anxious and over thinking everything.  I sent Briant a ton of text messages.  Did I eat enough veggies?  Did I drink enough water? Did I get enough rest? Did I eat the right combination of food? I questioned everything except the exercise.  There was no question I had worked my butt off, more than 110% for the last two weeks, sometimes back to back classes.  My body is giving up the inches but it doesn’t seem to want to give up the weight.  My weigh in is tomorrow and I just feel like somethings gotta give on the scale already.  So I prayed about it and finally released it.


The Spin Master

Big Truck

Spin class was so much fun today.  It was full of the folks that make me laugh, push and inspire me.  P-Dub was too my left, encouraging me to spin faster. She would catch the giggles every time Briant would threaten to restart a song because I wasn’t spinning fast enough or some other imaginary thing I wasn’t doing or saying.  He always did that but at least he was spreading it around today.  Big Truck was on the platform bike.  He rides like he is the master of his bike and never seems to get tired.  It pushes me to do the same. 

This is nto a game!

This is not a game!

The woman we call 32 was diagonal from me, she’ll rat me out in a minute.  If I slow down or sit down and Briant doesn’t see it right away, she’ll either call my name or alert Briant. I can still hear her saying, “There are no breaks, no resting! This is not a game!”



Tonight was full of technical difficulties and wardrobe malfunctions. My bladder is allergic to spin bikes.  Everytime I get on a bike, my bladder registers full.  I  normally would wait until the end of class but my shirt took on a life of it’s on.  Simple t-shirt.  I’ve worn it before.  It kept dipping in the front and the more sweat the more it dipped.  I went to the restroom relieved the bladder and turned the shirt around backwards.  No peep shows.

My mind has not caught up to the sixty something pounds I’ve lost so far.  Current pictures still blow me away.  They don’t reflect the image in my mind.  The shirt I wore was too big. It had always been snug.  Most of my workout shirts were beginning to fit the same way.  So out with the old and in with the new.  It’s a happy but weird place to be.

About a dozen BKMer’s are running 9 miles in the morning, from the boot camp to QuikTrip.  Ironic they are running to a place called QuikTrip, the run will be anything but quick.  I was seriously considering it but changed my mind.   I’m going to stick to my 3 miles and an hour of spin and cheer them as they go.  I haven’t built up to the Forest Gump cross country run yet.

My husband is warming a pie in the oven, it’s tickling my nose and calling my name.  That means I need to go to bed while my resolve is still strong.

Until next time…

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God (Philippians 4:6).


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