Victory At The Scale

Beyonce crooning about her man putting her love on top as I was driving a little too fast on Hwy 270 and switched off on the 367 exit. That song filled the mom-mobile, woke me up and took me all the way to boot camp. It was weigh in day. I worked hard. I was ready.

As I walked across the parking lot I thought about the Quik Trip crew. It was 7am. If they took off for the Forest Gump run at 530am they should be returning soon. My prayers were with them. They were hyped I knew they could do it.

I saw Deeva first and then Chantell. They were sweaty and grinning. A nine mile run was a great accomplishment. They weren’t done. They were back to take a class.

Deek was teaching spin. I was in my zone. Tyra was trash talking Mitchell, calling her out. They had some friendly competition going. It was hilarious. After spin I changed into dry clothes for my weigh in.

At the scale Briant wouldn’t let me see the display. We were back to not knowing, which was fine by me. He smiled and gave a fist pump. I had lost.” How much?” I asked.” Ain’t gonna tell you,” he never looked up. “Well is it more than four pounds?” I started interrogating. Finally he said, “It’s more than four pounds but less than eight.” Great! More than four was wonderful, if there was indeed more that was gravy. I was on a high.

Later that afternoon I received a Facebook message from Chantell, she had just run 9 miles. I let out some nervous laughter when I read it. She wanted to know when I would run with her. The challenges keep on coming.

Until next time…
Accept challenges so that you may know the exhilaration of victory. – Unknown


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