All Sentimental on Way Back Wednesday

This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything

Going to the boot camp in the winter is like packing for a trip. There are the work out clothes, the clothes that go over the work out clothes, clothes to change into after the work out because the work out clothes are too soaked to go out in the cold in,  the hoodie, spin gloves, Ipod, chap stick, scarf and an extra pair of socks just because. My six-year-old wanted to know where I was going and if I was coming back. Kids.

Jack Frost had settled in.  He wasn’t nipping, he was biting. I made a promise to myself in January to move more and I kept it. Briant’s boot camp had been my regularly scheduled program for ten months, ten months. The year was coming to a close and I was still doing it.  I was different.  I was not that same woman from January.  Sure I looked different, smaller.  I thought differently.  I had come to realize this whole fitness thing is 90% mental.  Your body will do what you command it to do, in most cases.  My eyeballs started to leak.  The Mr. wanted to know what was wrong but I couldn’t speak, all choked up at the throat.  After I loaded my bag, I sat back and marveled at our Christmas tree designed by two first graders.  Most of the ornaments were no more than 4 feet high, mostly on the left side and some branches had 5 or 6 candy canes.  The sight of it made me laugh.  So there I was the poster child for the typical emotional woman laughing and crying at the same time.  The Mr. peeped at me again but said nothing, refusing to visit the land of estrogen he focused his attention to the news.

I was extremely sore, yesterday was my first day back at a boot camp session since I sprained my knee.  I had been spinning for over a month and completed some runs.  On pivots, side moves and sudden changes in motion my knees made it know they were to be respected. Modifying was key.

Today was Way Back Wednesday and B. was teaching. Class was packed as usual.  Music was bumpin’ as usual. Heavy D., MC Hammer, Cheryl Lynn and Madonna’s 4 Minutes were all on the play list.  P-Dub and Monette were his targets tonight.  It didn’t matter because I was learning to push myself.  I gazed around the room looking for a pair of legs that were rotating faster than mine.  It was Tyra.  I matched her speed and tried to stay with her.  When I got comfortable with that, I looked again and found 32.  She made it look so easy.  She was bobbin’ her head, holding on to the bike with only one hand and snapping her fingers with the other singing to herself.  I guess it was her song.

Briant stopped at my bike and asked who did I want.  He wanted me to pick someone to sprint against.  Hmm.  Well, I didn’t want to pick anyone I knew I could beat.  There’s no fun in that.  I didn’t want to pick someone who could spin like me.  That wouldn’t be a challenge.  I needed someone who could really ride. Ava was there but she was on the same side of the room in the same row and I couldn’t see her.  I needed to look my opponent in the face, so I picked 32.  I owed her one for always rattin’ me out.  Briant was surprised and ran across the room to tell her she had been called out.  She laughed and waved her hands in the air.  It was on.  I think she let me win but I can’t be sure.

When it was over, I didn’t want to stretch, I just wanted to lay down.  On the way out, I stopped to chat at the huddle created by 32, Deeva and Chantel.  32 wanted to know if we were staying for another class.  Deeva, in her Ms. Sophia from the Color Purple voice belted out a “hell nawl”.  I too shared her sentiments.  Rocking two classes was my original plan but you could have stuck a fork in me after spin, I was done.

Until next time…..

“What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goal.” – Unknown


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