Merry Fitness And A Happy New Me!

I left 70 pounds in 2011, published my first children’s book, became a vegetarian and began running. There’s a sweeping sense of pride and accomplishment when you cross goals off your list when they’ve been met.

spinning victims, I mean spinning crew

spinning victims, I mean spinning crew

2012 finds me moving forward with the folks at BKM. Last night was my first workout of the new year. Outside was bitter cold, inside th e boot camp was warm and buzzing with folks that were leaner than when we first met and most were talking about new goals.  Only the calendar had changed, it was business as usual.

Once Briant’s Way Back Wednesday spin class started, no one was talking to anyone about anything,  Mr. BKM must have run at least 2 miles back and forth zig zagging across the room telling folks to, “Gimme TEN!”  He’d run from Ava to me to Deeva and Oz and back to Big Truck all while keeping the room hype.  He was like a  Fit Party MC. There was very little time for recovery.   You had to get a breath in where you could fit it in.  Poor Monette, he would NOT stop calling her name. He was yelling her name like it was number one on the billboard.  Monette!  Monette! Monette!  No slacking for the weary.  We were all getting it but she was getting an extra dose.

Tonight it was sixty degrees out, thirty degrees higher than the day before.  Tonight was  was circuit training with Coach, Deek and Cyndy. Before I knew Cyndy’s name, she was known to me as Up Girl.  That’s mostly what she would say, “Up!” She use to make us workout with these 5 and 10 pound bars.  We would have to run with them up above our heads or keep lifting them above our heads while running in place.  I started at Cyndy’s station.  Note to self: Don’t do that again. Lots of high and low planks one after another and she wasn’t backing down.  Ever appreciate something and hate it at the same time? That’s where I was.

Deek yelled for us to switch and we went to Coach and worked out with weights, some push ups and jumping jacks and football practice type running.  Deek yelled for us to switch again and we end up in his group.

Right away he’s glaring, demanding everybody to get they mind right. Reminding us that, “This is NOT a game!”  We’d hit the floor for mountain climbing back up from running and jumping jacks and then he’d repeat.  Over and over and over and over and over again.

The last switch landed you back with the trainer you started with . It was Cyndy and I think somebody must have pissed her off.  She was taking it out on our abs.  High planks, low planks, alternating planks, moving planks.  We did them until she thought we had enough.  The thought was slow coming. Rev. was on the side with his coat on and bag over his shoulder instigating, “I think they need more weights Cyndy.”  I gave him my side eye.  A guy in the back of the room shouted in a strained voice, “I feel my 6 pack breaking out!” The group erupted in laughter.  She was not amused.  The abs slaughter continued until the class was over.

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli Salad

Briant asked me not to leave, he had a book for me from La’Shawn, Living on Live Food.  It was a book all about raw vegan eating.  It was heavy and thicker than I imagined.  I was completely HYPED!  Can’t wait to try some of the recipes.  THANKS LA’SHAWN!!

Until next time…

The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do… They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.

~ E. M. Gray ~


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