Shedding The Pounds

I rolled my eyes at the cell phone alarm that interrupted my slumber. It was time to go back to the place I had just left, BKM bootcamp.  I sat on the side of my bed engulfed in heaviness.  Preparing for another round of fitness was laborous.

7:30am  I arrived and was greeted by all my favorite people. This week had been kind.  Work outs and food intake were both on point so I was looking forward to my turn at the scale.  In the spin room, Deek sat on a speaker and in his matter of fact raw truth manner he asked, “You gone do somethin today?  You betta git yo mind right or tap out and go home!”  He didn’t wait for my answer. He turned his attention to Rev. Anthony.  They teased back and forth about what it meant to be a beast on the bike.  Rev. trying to convince Deek that he was beastly.  Deek not changing his mind on the matter.  Comedy central!

Class started and I was sluggish and couldn’t quite get with it.  Diane walks over to my bike, “Do I need to get Ava on you?”  Yeah, I knew that was coming and wouldn’t be the last time I heard it.  We rolled through the playlist from old school LL with I’m Bad to Long Heels, Red Bottoms.  I was glad when it was over, not my finest hour but I was excited to weigh in.

At the scale, Briant peeped over his glasses at me with THAT look.  I chimed, “Whateva man, I had an excellent week.”  He pointed for me to get on the scale.  I had designated a certain goal for myself this week and I had missed it by 0.8 pounds. No matter, I had lost and it was a victory to me.  Briant tried to fight back a grin but burst out laughing instead. “You did an awesome job!”  We exchanged high fives.  I left on cloud nine.

“The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.”
— Thomas Edison


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