12 Pounds Gone!

I sat where the music collided. Ms. Diane set me up beside the desk where she worked. Although I could not partake in any of the activity I was thoroughly satisfied. My left ear in the spin room and my right ear in Cindy’s class.


In the spin room there were bodies everywhere, a sea of the chocolate rainbow. Black women adorned scarves, caps, head wraps and silk bonnets to keep that hair-do tight.  Black women do workout, but they ain’t messing  up the hair. I look around the room surveying all the evidence of the length of time I had been away. Truck was on the platform riding like it was easy. He no longer looked like a truck, more like an SUV. His core was much smaller than I remember. His frame had become sleek and more defined. The room was warm. I could reach out and wring sweat from the air. I could feel the bass line in my chest. Man, I missed this.  There were some songs, that no matter where you were, when you heard them,. made you want to spin. Planet Rock was booming from the spin room.  They were bouncing and swaying and pedaling to the beat.  Deek had them doing jumps, hands from position two to position three and back again through the duration of the song. There were familiar faces yet lots of new faces.  Seena was shouting out a sprint and wiping her face with a white towel.  I laughed in spite of myself, she could wipe all day and the sweat would continue to pour. She might as well wait until it was over.  Chantell was back and in full force, I was jealous.  I wanted to be on a bike.  I wanted to sweat..All I could do at this point was eat right and stay positive.

In front of the full length glass Ms. Jackie was holding it down. She too was much smaller and had developed Michelle Obama arms since I had been gone. Her grey peer power shirt was soaked.  Then it hit me.  That shirt said it all. Peer power! That’s what made this group work, we spurred each other on effortlessly.

Deek stopped in front of Michell’s bike, although I could not hear what he was saying. That crazy facial expression said it all.  Being the wife of the trainer and half owner of the gym did not get her a pass card.  He was kicking her butt too.

Back in the cardio area Cindy was jabbing at the air like she was prepearing for the next heavy weight bout.  Cindy was one of the newer trainers, naturally animated and funny. “Singles, up, down, squeeze that butt!!” she shouted in the wireless mic. The whole room was squatting and kicking while holding free weights at shoulder height. Everyone was sweaty.  The walls encouraged the crowd to really push. Be A finisher! How Bad DO you want it? I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me and other affirmations everywhere you looked.

On the side lines there sat a woman working out in a chair.  I loved it!  She was not letting the inability to stand interfere with working out. She was bending, reaching and swinging like nobody’s business. She could have used her limitations as an excuse but she was sweating with the rest of them. I always say, your circumstances are irrelevant to the goal.  There is always one element you can control, your attitude.

Back in the spin room, Beyonce and the girls were running the world.  Well most of them, 5 or 6 had just tapped out. They had enough, escaping before Deek could fuss, leaving a trail of sweat behind them.  MC Eric Breed swearing he’ll paint the white house black was bringing it home for the finale and the class was all into it.

Once the class was over and the crowd had thinned, Seena stopped to chat. Seen had lost over 100 poinds. I made certain to tell here how great she looked and how proud I was.  Between huffs and puffs she said as a matter of factly, “If I gotta sell cans and turn tricks to stay up in here, I ain’t leaving!”

Briant motioned for me to come to the scale. This was a big deal.  He wouldn’t let anyone else weigh me all morning. This was my first post operative weigh in. I had no idea where I was on the scale.  I was curious but not anxious.  I had been eating healthy and clean.  I had no worries.  I stepped on and looked down, twelve pounds less. Goal weight here I come, baby!!

Until next time….

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.” ― Leon C. Megginson


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