Inches To Goal

The alarm from my cell played in the background as I laid in bed feeling my ribs.  Something I had not been able to do as far back as I can remember.  This body was unfamiliar. This body was missing a lot of mass.  I loved it. Daylight intruded through the cracks of the blinds. I could hear the squirrels pitter pattering their way to the roof. Reluctantly kicking the covers back, I switched the alarm off and turned on my favorite local artist.

I danced up to the mirror swaying to the synthesized trumpet sounds and examined the body before me. The image did not match the one in my head. The Saturn ring around my middle was gone, so was the fat pad around my face and I only had one chin. I don’t know exactly when they left but good riddance. I did not have the deflated balloon look just as my trainer told me I wouldn’t. I was grateful for that. Astonishment prevailed.

Just days ago, after hovering around the same two pounds for weeks, I finally broke through my plateau losing 3 pounds leaving me only 4 more to lose for a total of 100 pounds lost.  I was elated.  At the scale Briant and I just stood there, letting reality sink in.  In low tones and minty fresh breath he affirmed, “This is your week just 4 pounds you big baby.”

Four pounds would not be difficult to lose in a week’s time as long as I put in the work and ate clean it should be easy breezy.  Still, I continued to go over my plan of attack in my head. I needed a four pound conversion inches from my first major goal.  A running play was definitely in order while the weather was forgiving. I would put in overtime at the local track or up and down Lindbergh for added insurance. Satisfied with my plan of attack, I glanced at the time only to realize I was awake 2 hours before time.

I crawled back into my inviting bed to resume my slumber.  The pillow of oncoming victory provides such sweet sleep.

Until next time….

Football is like life – it requires perseverance,  self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority. – Vince Lombardi


2 thoughts on “Inches To Goal

  1. You have come a long way Mon Trice and I am so proud of what you have accomplished. I know that you continue on this journey for life. It is in you to do so. You inspire me to look ahead and to be a finisher in my goals and beyond. GOD has blessed you with a story. I hope that you will continue to write about it.

    • Aww dang it Lisa, you gonna make me cry. I have been severely chastized about the gaps in my blog. I promise I will do better. I thank you for the encouragement. We are in this together!

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