Keep Gettin Up

Get up!

The rustling of the leaves sounded like running water outside my window.  The feminine voice through my speaker phone confirmed it was nice enough for a run. It was 63 degrees with a relative humidity I quickly forgot. I had been on a roller coaster ride since I hit the 100 pound mark.  Up 4 pounds, then down 4 pounds.  I had been hovering there every since.  Yesterday I was down four pounds and resolved to move forward.

So much had changed.  I’ve had to repeat my mantra more than ever before: “Life circumstances are irrelevant to your goal.”  I’ve always been an emotional eater allowing food to be the anesthetic. Although I had learned different coping skills it wasn’t fool proof.  This fool had done it again. The difference this time is I recognized it quickly and the recovery time was a matter of days not months or years like days of old. Yesterday I was down four pounds.The weight loss journey has the lessons in the failures but only if you keep getting up when knocked down.

Life serves plenty of helpings of knock-down. I’ve had enough this year,  Lemme see.  I’ve got a plate of looming divorce, a side of forced job change a helping of illness and surgery and for desert, a colossal misunderstanding with a dear friend that almost broke our relationship.  “No thank you, I am full!” I shout to the universe. In reality, difficulties live at everyone’s door.  Difficulties do not discriminate and they certainly don’t give a damn about your weight loss journey. Discipline and resolve to finish what was started are so important. I can hear my trainer now, “Be a finisher”.

I am telling you to get up.  YES, you! Don’t just sit in your difficulties.  The gold is in getting up. Don’t wait until Monday, after your vacation, after the holidays or any of that nonsense.   Once you keep getting up, you’ll begin to noticed you don’t get knocked down as much. You are what you repeatedly do. I want you to repeatedly get up.  When you stall, keep going.  When faced with a detour, keep going.  If you have to pause, then pause, take a deep breath then keep going.  Your life is waiting for you RIGHT NOW. Go get it.

Until next time…

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.~ George Bernard Shaw


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