New Beginnings

Progress Over Perfection

Progress Over Perfection

Eyes  full of compassion and frustration while listening to me go on about the last few months, he took a sip of water and simply stated, “You must be willing to recognize when seasons begin and end in your life and not overstay our time in that season. Hands down, you’ve had some rough times but you already know what to do. It’s a small hiccup don’t let it trip you up. Get to work.  Choose growth over grief. This is your opportunity to begin again only this time more intelligently.”  I leaned back in anticipation of escaping a forehead thump that never came.  That ladies and gentlemen concludes the “Get off your ass and make it happen” speech, my dear friend’s response to my confession of a 19 pound gain.

So simple, so true and right on point it was. There was nothing else to say and plenty to do.  I went home and wrote out two plans: one a workout schedule complete with lots of variety of cardio, weight resistance, endurance and recovery, the other a menu comprised of mainly fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and beans.  Anxiety had subsided and a quiet force had taken its’ place.

Stay tuned, the journey from TWOderville to ONEderland begins in 5, 4, 3, 2……

“You never fail until you stop trying.” – Albert Einstein


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