The Mini Trainer


Through tiny slits my eyes adjusted. He was standing over me dancing. It was a combination of the funky chicken and an epileptic seizure. My bed became his trampoline. “Mommy, get up! It’s the last day of schoo oool, the last day of schoo oool. Can I wear my hat?” Pulling covers to chin I muttered a faint, “MmmHmm.” I blinked and he was gone, in another room talking a mile a minute. I picked up the cellphone. It was just 6am. This was my rest day, or so I thought.

The school was a half mile one way. Above us sky was full of dirty cotton balls. The kid wanted to walk to school. I looked upward once more and agreed but stressed we needed to hurry. A smirk spread across the big kid’s face. “Wanna race to the big yellow sign?” I nodded and we took off. I was pacing him and it was a great feeling. My lungs completely full, legs extending, heart pumping. I smiled at us, two years ago I would have never imagined.

We reached the yellow sign. “We’re gonna keep it up mommy! HUSTLE! HUSTLE! HUSTLE!” There was SO much authority in his voice. So hustle I did! My completely full lungs were getting warm. I wondered if his version of keeping it up meant running all the way. My question was soon answered as we neared the entrance of the school. He was Huff and I was Puff, through ragged breath we shared a hearty laugh. “I love running with you Mommy!” That was music to my ears. With a monster hug and a quick exchange of I-love-yous, he was gone to enjoy his last day of 2nd grade and mom jogged the all the way back home.

Until next time…

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. – James A. Baldwin


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