In The Beginning

At the start of this blog five years ago, I made a commitment to move my body.  I have honored that commitment.  So much so that I became a SPIN instructor in September of 2012.  I have remained an active SPIN instructor from the day I received my license up to now.  In fact, I am sitting here typing in my yucky workout clothes from my SPIN class earlier today.  I am typing in my yucky workout clothes because I need to get this out.

For as much as I like moving my body, I also like to eat.  On this journey I learned about different foods.  I became a vegan.  I loved vegan food. But something happened.  After I hit the 100 pounds lost mark, I thought I had made it.  Conquered all my food/fat demons.  But I was wrong.  I started slipping.  I went from vegan to vegetarian to “any-thing-goes-but-watch-it-tarian”.  Afterall, I am a spin instructor, I work out 3-4 days a week, what could possibly go wrong?

I gained weight – more than half of it back.  But I was still working out, right?  Beastmode on the bike.  My classes have waiting lists all of the time because I don’t hold back.  We go THERE every time and I love it.  I love spin.  I also loved my sordid relationship with pancakes, french fries, cakes and pastries.

A few weeks ago I received a direct message on Facebook from a college friend:

MAR 9TH, 7:46AM

Hey Montrice, when is your new book coming out, and are you still working out and eating right? I haven’t seen any workout posts from you. If you fell, get back up, bc you inspired ppl!


ME: Hey Chris, The new book is out, releases 3/27/16.   Cannon’s Crash Course 

Yes, I have fallen down. I’ve been working out though.
The eating has been a challenge.
I’m working on it
I will be in Dallas in May.
May 21, 2016
Black Family Magazine PResents
2016 DFW Literacy Fest
3200 Lancaster Road
Cool!! I’ll mark that on my calendar. You should still post about your battle, own that you’ve fallen, bc ppl will see that they can get back at it too. This should also be your next book

ME: ok, it sucks! Falling in a glass bowl. How does one fall AND still be an instructor at Club FItness? You are right. I will own it.

True to my word, here I am owning it.  But something else happened.
 I held a book signing a week ago from today.  We had crafts, giveaways and a photographer.  The camera don’t lie!  I saw all those photos and they looked nothing like the “me” in my mind’s eye. I saw them and I was SHOOK. I wasn’t depressed or down in the dumps I was just very present in what laid before me.
I didn’t know who that person was in the photos.
Those pictures were like the little directory in the mall that says YOU ARE HERE.  Which is great to know but it’s not where I want to be.  It’s not where I’m going to be.
Since the book signing, I have increased my raw vegetable and fresh fruit intake, increased hydration and make sure I get enough sleep.  As of this morning I am down 7 pounds and have yet to measure but I will do that shortly.  I also came clean in my class today about what happened, where I am and where I am going.  They were all very excited and so am I.
Until next time…..
Fall seven times, stand up eight. – Some Japanese dude.

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