So Much Has Happened

running buddy

Since I last posted, I have signed up for (insert drum roll)….a half marathon.  GASP!  One of the members at BGR talked me into it.  Since I’m training anyway…(Kanye shrug).  Why not?  Just keep going.  The half is in October and the progression is doable.  My only goal is to finish.

Speaking of FINISH.  I am done with Week 1 of the C25K. On Wednesday I will start Week 2. I have also drafted my 10-year-old.  Initially he was about as excited as one going in for a root canal.  After he completed Week 1 Day 1 he was okay with it and said it wasn’t too bad. New running  buddy! Yay!

As for me?  Music is EVERYTHING.  If I have the right beat going, I THINK I could run forever.  I am as slow as a drunk turtle stampeding backwards through peanut butter but in my mind I’m making serious moves.  I am enjoying this journey and the type of bonding it is creating with my son.  Excited to share it with you.

For an October 2nd half, I decided to use Jeff Galloway’s run/walk training schedule.  I will switch to it on Wednesday May 4th.  I really like his philosophy.  HERE WE GO!

Until next time….

“Set a goal so big that you can’t acheive it until you grow into the person who can” . – Unknown


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