Wiidiculous Lies Of Omission

Day 13.  So it’s lunchtime and I emerge from my office ready to burn some calories on my Wii Fit.  All proud of my decision to get in a bonus work out, I step on the Wii board only to have it tell me to get off because I’ve exceeded its’ weight limit and it needs to reset it’s software.  WHAT THE…!?!  How can this be?  I last used it less than 24 hours ago with  pounds to spare before the limit.  Really?  How does one gain over 5 lbs in less than 24 hours? Of course I thought about last night’s biscuit.

My mom calls and I tell her. “This just happened on the Biggest Losers.  There was one guy who worked really hard, did everything right, weighed in and he had gain.  But the next week he had a dramatic loss.  Don’t let this throw you off, you are doing so well, just keep up the good work and try not to worry about it.”

My trainer, Briant responds to my text, “Not humanly possible!” When I do the math, he is absolutely right.  A weight gain of one pound requires a consumption of 3500 calories OVER and beyond what your body uses.  In order to gain a true 5 lbs in 24 hours, requires eating 17,500 calories above what my body needed.  I didn’t do that.  I felt better.  A scale is but one side of the Rubic’s Cube of weight loss. It doesn’t tell the whole story, water retention, metabolic changes and muscle mass isn’t explained in a number on the scale.  This just leaves me more resolved than ever.

Through thunderstorm and hail I make it to boot camp.  The hour session doesn’t seem as long. Afterward, I’m still feeling like I did something wrong. Briant on the other hand was nonchalant, told me not to worry about it.  It wasn’t possible, a rogue biscuit off meal plan could not cause a 5 lb spike.  Told me it was fine.  Then he dropped a whammy, “I’m going to start working with you one on one.  We would have started today, but it’s raining. I’ve got some goals for you and you are going to have to challenge yourself.”  I’m not a stuttering woman but I couldn’t get my words together.  I was a bit scared.  One on one means there’s no crowd to hide in but it also means personalized attention.  Whatever he was up to involved being outside, what did I do to deserve such favor?  Thank God for rain, gives me a chance to wrap my mind around it.  Mixed emotions but up for the challenge.

Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.” – Noela Evans

2 thoughts on “Wiidiculous Lies Of Omission

  1. I got rid of my Wii Fit because I was so tired of the inconsistencies. Just remember that it’s not an actual weight loss tool – it is, at the end of the day, a video game. You stay strong with what you’re doing – and don’t allow a video game to mess with your head.

    Get excited about the one-on-one. Yes, it will be hard…but the results will make it all worth it. Don’t doubt yourself – push yourself and you’ll be amazed at how much you can do.

    • Joanna, I never thought of it as a game. It did mess with my head but not my resolve. There is a slight feeling of failure. The feeling is irrational and isn’t based on any logic. However, it’s still there with a wagging finger. I’m pushing through. Boot Camp AND Electric Slide Class are today. I think my one on one’s will start today but my trainer won’t confirm. He wants to surprise me. Thanks for your comments!

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